Howling outside the barricaded doors drained through the cracks and into the room

“We’re fucked you hear me, FUCKED!” cried Chris. “What do we do? They’re coming, it’s only a matter of-” started Beverly, “It doesn’t fucking matter what we do, once they break through those doors, we’re completely fucked!” snapped Chris. “Get yourself together man, I need you at a hundred percent. We’ve been through this before, we can do it again!” proclaimed Sherry, “No, this is different, this time there’s no way out-” began Chris.

A slap to Chris’ face silenced the room for a split second. Chris’ right cheek became red and hot.

“Listen Chris, you need to get your shit together,” Sherry pulled on his vest, “We are going to get through this, because we didn’t fight through all this shit just for me to die in this fucking room with all this random ass marching band equipment, with two other assholes; we are going to get through this, so get your shit together and help us get through this, okay.” Chris with his hand caressing his cheek, calmed down a bit, “And if we don’t, then what?” A smirk cracked the left side of Sherry’s mouth, “Well…. then I guess you’ll be right for once and we really are fucked.”

The howling coming from just outside the door, flooded into the room

“Guys! They’re here!” Exclaimed Beverly.

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