The Rainbow Room (1/3)

“I have to go honey, now get out the car and go inside because I need to leave already,” said Jane.

“I don’t want to, can’t I just come to work with you” said Maribel.

“No, you can’t come and I’m already late so go inside and I’ll pick you up at four” responded Jane more assertively.

“But you won’t even know I’m th-” started Maribel, Jane was now more agitated, “What has gotten into you Maribel, be a good girl and listen, okay!”

Maribel gave up her resistance and opened the passenger door and stepped outside, grabbing her backpack, “I love you mommy…” then closed the car door.

Jane pulled out of the driveway quickly and sped out in a hurry.

Maribel was hesitant, she didn’t like to come to this daycare anymore, it used to be her favorite place but now it just felt hollow. She used to love it so much because of all the fun she would have and the fact that she would get to see all her friends, but now just the thought of this place made her stomach turn.

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